Watch a Young Doctor Lose Her Mind on an Innocent Miami Uber Driver

There was once a time when you could flip out on a cab driver, and the world would not notice. But it is 2016, and between cell phone videos and the fact that the ride-sharing apps track (and rate/review) both the driver and rider, no meltdown goes unnoticed. That is a lesson one irate doctor has learned quite quickly. In this incredible video found on YouTube, a woman is seen striking a defensive Uber driver, repeatedly taunting him to “call 9-1-1.” The driver tries to get away from her, but she gets in the front seat of the car, and strikes him and the car. How did this all start? He refused to take her home because she never booked his car in the first place. RELATED: Uber Fined $7.6 Billion by California Regulators over Data Gaps
It has since come out that the irate (and likely inebriated) woman is 30-year-old Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident in Miami’s Jackson Health Care System. According to her employer: "The outcome of the investigation will determine whether any disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination.” RELATED: Uber Raising Billions as Rivals Form an Alliance The video was uploaded by Juan Cinco, the person who had originally ordered the Uber. In the video, she hops in the car, takes the driver’s keys, and attempts to walk away, as well as throwing several items out of the car onto the street. Our favorite line? When the driver attempts to call the police, she yells “I'm a five foot girl that weighs 100 pounds and I'm getting really belligerent right now.” Let this be a lesson people. Some of us may want to go nuts every once in a while and trash a stranger’s car. But we live in an age where all our transgressions can be recorded. It might be hard to remember that after your 15th cosmo-tini, but this video should serve as a reminder that you should at least try to maintain composure. RELATED: Six Automotive Trends to Expect in 2016