Watch a Million-Dollar Ferrari F40 Drift Around a Farm

There’s no avoiding it—the Ferrari F40 is an exceedingly rare car. Only 1,311 of these twin-turbo Ferraris were ever built, and they’re commonly referred to as the greatest supercars ever made. It’s easy to then understand why most live secluded and highly pampered lifestyles; no sense putting a million-dollar exotic in harm's way. Right?  Wrong! At least that’s the attitude of YouTube sensation TaxTheRich100. The mysterious duo behind the YouTube channel have repeatedly put expensive exotic cars in situations they were never meant to endure—power-sliding a Jaguar XJ220 through a field, off-roading a Rolls-Royce, wake boarding behind a Ferrari F50—you get the idea. Now it’s a rarified Ferrari F40 GT’s turn to get drifted around a farm. It may or may not have ended in a bit of a crash. Check out the video, below. RELATED: Check Out the Gas Monkey Garage 1992 Ferrari F40
Hopefully the crunching metal heard at the video’s end was just a sound effect. Otherwise, someone has quite a repair bill on their hands. A few years after the Ferrari F40 was created to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, seven of the early production cars were upgraded to full racing specifications by Giuliano Michelotto, notable race-prepper of the Lancia Stratos rally cars and Ferrari 308 IMSA racers. This “Brummel” sponsored car is said to be the sixth of that series, and among a bevy of modifications its body panels grew lighter, ride height sunk lower, and its 2.9-liter V8 was cranked up to emit a shrieking 590 horsepower. That’s frankly a lot. It’s not exactly the type of car you’d want to flog around a farm. That said, it’s great to see these legends get the exercise they so rightly deserve. RELATED: Watch A Nascar V8-Powered Lexus LFA Drift Like a Champ