This Time Lapse Video Turns an Airport from Mundane to Magical

For some, air travel hasn’t lost its romance. In only a matter of hours you can hopscotch halfway across the world. But for many, airport life has become routine, tedious, and many times migraine-inducing.  If you find yourself in that latter group, check out the stunning video below, and perhaps your next flight will be a bit more enjoyable. Over the course of multiple trips spanning two years, Vimeo user darwinfish105 captured these amazing time lapse video sequences of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, shot from spots on the terminal’s observation deck, atop Tokyo’s Telecom Center, the Roppongi Hills observation deck, and along the airport’s approaching flight path. Be warned, you may experience a slight feeling of wanderlust, though. RELATED: Watch This Wild Ferrari Race Through Tokyo at Night
RELATED: The Stratolaunch Will Soon Be the Biggest Plane in the World Baggage carts weave like centipedes across the tarmac, airplanes are loaded and unloaded with almost mechanical precision, and travelers depart and land beside a vibrant yet seemingly restless nighttime cityscape. Admittedly, time lapse videos can make pretty much anything look fascinating, but where this sequence excels is in its “tilt” in-camera movements, which create a rather toy-like miniature effect. By using a tilt adapter on a Sony a7S with a standard Nikon lens, darwinfish105 has much more control over the depth of field within the frame, helping to create that stylistic hazy blur outside the subject area. A Panasonic GH4 and Sony RX100 III were also used. Who’s up for a trip to Tokyo? RELATED: Watch Guys in Jet Packs Fly With Jumbo Jets Over Dubai via Gizmodo