Blink and You Might Miss This Toyota GT86 Run a 5.7 Second Quarter Mile

In standard form, the Toyota GT86 (née Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S) is a brilliant car. It’s nimble, it’s fun, and it’s very affordable. However, it isn’t what you’d call “fast,” especially with a dash from nil to 60 mph taking seven seconds. The car you see before you—as you’d imagine—is not your typical Toyota GT86 anymore. It has been heavily modified by Bahrain’s EKanoo Racing (the one's with the very, very fast Supras) for use at the drag strip, and well…there’s no easy way to say this. It’s claimed to be the fastest GT86 in the world. We believe it. How fast? Earlier this month, it covered the quarter mile drag strip at the Bahrain International Circuit in an unbelievable 5.774 seconds at 247 miles per hour. That fast. Take a look at the record-breaking run, below. RELATED: Watch a '90s Minivan Destroy a Toyota Supra in a Drag Race
If you’re looking for a tuned-up boxer engine under this ’86, you won’t find one. Like Ekanoo Racing’s record-setting Toyota Supras, the GT86 drag car sports a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ straight-six. No nitrous here, either. What makes the run even more impressive is the fact that the car is still relatively untested. According to Dragzine, the car has only been complete since November, at which point it ran a time of 6.31 seconds on its inaugural pass. Wheelman Gary White followed it up with a 6.03 second pass in December, and must have been impatient, because he clobbered the 5.90s and 5.80s altogether with his latest record breaking run of 5.774 seconds. If you see this GT86 at your next meet, be warned. RELATED: Watch the World's Fastest Jeep Flip During a Drag Race