Meet the Winner of the Ferrari Top Design School Challenge

The year 2040 is still a long way off, but that hasn’t stopped Italy’s most famous sports car company from pondering what its future products will look like…24 years down the line.  Back in October 2014, Ferrari launched its Top Design School Challenge, a competition between students from four carefully selected design schools to pen the Ferrari of 2040. Today, the overall winner has been crowned, and it’s the low-slung shape you see pictured above—nicknamed “Manifesto”—the product of six students from France’s ISD-Rubika. This “Ferrari of the future” design was picked unanimously by a jury of true Ferrari devotees, which included engineers, designers, and even celebrities like Jay Kay, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, and F1 superstar Sebastian Vettel. The jury gave “Manifesto” top marks for its overall completeness, both inside and out, and more specifically its doors, which hinge from behind the driver and passenger headrests, and raise the car’s entire front section. RELATED: The 2016 Edo Competition 488 GTB is One Seriously Mean Ferrari
The forward-thinking supercar certainly wasn’t the only winner to emerge from the competition, however. A second prize was awarded to the “de Esfera” design, which was shaped by a team from South Korea’s Hongik University, and won an overall online vote. A team from Hongik University had previously won the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. Another concept received special mention as well, the “FL” from Germany’s Pforzheim University, which was the only design that focused solely on vehicle interiors. It earned acclaim for rethinking the conventional human-machine interface and by pushing the boundaries of interior materials. Overall, 12 designs were in the running for the jury’s grand prize. Which do you think looks best? RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the 730-HP Ferrari F12tdf