Watch a 15-Foot Star Wars Star Destroyer Go Airborne

Ever since George Lucas cast the original Star Destroyer onto cinema screens and “into space” in 1977’s Star Wars, legions of dedicated fans have created their own models and recreations. Most sit on shelves, linger in display cases, or get parked in boxes of LEGOs, but one recently created Star Destroyer is a bit different than those. It can fly.  Enter Peter Sripol, an RC plane enthusiast and drone tinkerer who has created said flightworthy Star Destroyer. As can be seen in the recent episode of Flite Test, Sripol first tested the craft by creating a small scale version, which proved air-capable…before an attempt at "light speed" led to its quick demise. With proof of concept in hand, Sripol then scaled the ship up in size to a massive 15 feet long, using large pieces of polystyrene foam board, loads of Gorilla Glue, some packing tape, and a trio of propellers attached to brushless electric motors. Success? We’d say so. RELATED: Meet The Ultimate Star Wars Volkswagen Passat
RELATED: Check Out These Wild Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets With the help of a Dodge pickup truck, the 15-foot craft rocketed its way into the air, though it doesn’t exactly look like it’s the easiest thing to keep aloft. After a short time into its maiden voyage, the bridge of the Star Destroyer collapses, but impressively that doesn’t knock it out of the sky. It isn’t until a failed barrel roll tips the craft permanently upside down that the Imperial flagship comes crashing down to terra firma. Cue the Ewok celebration scene from Return of the Jedi. Thinking of making your own flightworthy 15-foot Star Wars Star Destroyer? You can check out Sripol’s build guide on Make. RELATED: What You Need to Know About Drone Registration