This Might be the Meanest Ferrari 488 GTB You’ll Ever See (Or Hear)

Ferrari knows how to make fast and elegant sports cars; the Ferrari 488 GTB, for example. But ferocious? That remains to be seen. Thankfully, tuners like Edo Competition can take a car as naturally sophisticated as the 488 GTB and turn it into a fire-spewing monster of a machine. Making its debut at the Essen Motor Show just last month, the ferocious Ferrari dropped jaws with its all-black-everything makeover, handsome red accents, and most importantly, aggressive sound. Take a listen. RELATED: See More of the Ferocious Ferrari 488 GTB by Edo Competition
All things considered, the final result is a Ferrari that deserves the title we’re giving it. While it definitely looks mean on the outside, Edo Competition hasn’t divulged any details on exactly what sits under the hood. We can only assume that the standard 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 has been upped from 661 horsepower to somewhere near something much more dangerous. We’ll be sure to update you with performance figures when we get it, but for now, just gawk at the absolute savagery of this Ferrari 488. RELATED: This Ferrari 488XX Concept is Absolutely Bonkers