Maranello Residents Complain Ferrari Test Drives Are Disturbing Their Naps

The city of Maranello is a quaint little town in Northern Italy, home to about 17,000 residents. But most people know it more for its housing of famed sports car manufacturer Ferrari, which has called the city home since its inception in 1947. Now, residents of the normally sleepy city are calling the mayor’s office looking to put a stop to all the Ferrari ruckus. According to CNBC, the sound of the engines “is disturbing residents’ tranquility—including the afternoon siestas.” It may sound comical, but a more real issue is forcing lawmakers to begin to crackdown on the heralded marque. With 37 cars available for test drives to tourists, and over 305 citations given to Ferraris in the city in the last five years, officials are becoming more concerned about the safety of its residents. RELATED: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is Too Big for the LaFerrari “They are obviously big cylinder cars that are very powerful, and they are circulating on the same streets with regular traffic,” said Maranello Mayor Massimiliano Morini. “You can understand that this creates a very big problem of cohabitation for those living nearby who understandably want and have the right to rest.” For now, both Maranello and Fiorano officials have limited the hours in which Ferrari test drives can occur, and are disallowing soliciting near the Ferrari museum entrance, which pulls in about 300,000 visitors per year. RELATED: See More of the 950-Horsepower Ferrari LaFerrari