Oscar Mayer is Selling Wienermobile RC Cars This Week Only

In celebration of National Hot Dog Day 2015 on July 23rd, Oscar Mayer unveiled a one-off radio-controlled Wienermobile and proceeded to crash it across picnic tables and blitz it over off-road obstacles in an epic one-minute teaser video.  Regrettably, that hod dog carrying off-road machine was just a concept and not intended for sale. Nevertheless, on Cyber Monday Oscar Mayer did the unexpected and offered a smaller version for sale on Twitter. Prepare to stifle your laughter—it’s called the "Mini Wiener Rover." And even though Cyber Monday has come and gone, there are more of these awesome RC cars to sell. The Mini Wiener Rover measures in at about 1:14th the size of the original Wienermobile (11 inches tall, 22.5 inches long), and it comes packing room to carry two hot dogs up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. Talk about a quick picnic delivery service. The price? That’s even more amazing still. Just $25. RELATED: Bun Damage! The Wienermobile Crashed in Pennsylvania
If you want one though you’ll have to act quickly. On Twitter, Oscar Mayer revealed that all 20 Mini Wiener Rovers sold out for Cyber Monday, but the company says a limited number will be released each day for one week, beginning with the first allotment that went yesterday, and ending on December 4th. Got a hot dog fan in your life? Consider this the ultimate in radio-controlled frankfurter holiday gift ideas. Then again if you miss out, there’s always the Hot Wheels die-cast Wienermobile too. RELATED: Here's the History of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile