Disneyland PeopleMover Sells for $471,500 at Auction

For nearly 30 years, the famous “PeopleMover” tram cars ferried visitors around Southern California’s Disneyland amusement park, giving riders an aerial view and guided tour of Tomorrowland. Over that period an estimated 100 million people are said to have taken a spin.  But while the iconic cars offered their last official rides in 1995, the PeopleMover story is far from over. A pair of cars, believed to be among only 13 left in existence, recently hit the auction block at Van Eaton Galleries and they sold for an eye-watering $471,500 ($410,000 before the buyer’s premium). Included with the sale of the cars, which were powered by motorized wheels mounted in the raised track, was a control panel built to original specifications, shop manuals, and a parts list for the unique trams. Take a look at the video below for a bit more on the design of the Disneyland PeopleMover. RELATED: This Rare Walt Disney World Monorail Turned Up on eBay
RELATED: Amphicars Become one of Disney World's Newest Rides Held on November 21, the Collecting Disneyland auction saw a number of other items fetch big prices, including a Disney animatronic frame, which sold for $115,000, as well as a marquee sign from the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe restaurant that sold for $48,875. Disney collector Kevin Doherty submitted the PeopleMover to the auction along with other items, and according to the OC Register, even he didn’t predict the bidding frenzy that ensued. “I was shocked by the desirability of certain pieces,” Doherty told the paper. “There were a lot of bidding wars, and I couldn’t believe how some of my items went for so high.” Doherty admitted he has amassed around 14,000 Disney collectibles in total, though he told the paper he’s unsure whether he’ll continue to auction them off. “We’re just caretakers of history,” noted Doherty. “Hopefully, the next person can appreciate that and do their part in care-taking a piece of Disneyland history.” RELATED: Old Disney World NASCAR Cars Made for an eBay Surprise