The Best Way to Clear Snow is a Flame-Throwing Nissan GT-R

It’s winter, and winter means snow (duh). For commuters, having to scrape their windshields every morning, warm up their car, and make sure they have the right tires is an absolute pain in the tookus. But fear not, there is a solution—an expensive solution. For just $101,000 (give or take), you can have your very own flame-throwing snow remover. But wait, there's more! Said snow remover also doubles as a 545-horsepower Nissan GT-R, just like the one in the video you're about to see. Granted, the one in the video looks like it's pretty heavily modified. Shooting flames out of the exhaust must indicate a healthy increase in horsepower, and the huge wing and aftermarket wheels are further proof of that. Nonetheless, all-wheel drive drifting, paired with a super-hot set of exhaust tips makes for one hilariously awesome video. Watch it below. RELATED: See Photos of the 600-Horsepower Nissan GT-R Nismo Supercar
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