What kind of world do we live in when an 1,850-pound car with no doors, no safety systems, and a 700-horsepower engine can be offered to the public? A great one, at least if you’re asking for our opinion. And that’s exactly the reaction that the small supercar producer Rezvani was going for with the Beast X.

A few months ago, we drove Rezvani’s entry-level Beast Speedster. At its core, the Beast Speedster uses an Ariel Atom’s chassis and engine to propel the gorgeous looks of the coach built exterior. The Beast Speedster made 300 horsepower, and proved to be a formidable car to wrestle around on the street.

Rezvani's 700HP Beast X Has Us Shaking In Our Boots

The Rezvani Beast X uses that same platform, however, instead of using the standard supercharged Honda K24 engine, the Beast X forgoes the supercharger in favor of twin Borg Warner turbochargers to bump the output from 300 to a mind-shattering 700 horsepower. In addition to the twin turbochargers, Rezvani improved the engine with forged pistons and valves, and strengthened the rest of the engine’s internals to be up to the challenge of producing all 700 horses. Those performance figures become frightening when you consider that Rezvani is offering a car with the same horsepower figure as a Dodge Hellcat, but in a package that weighs less than the new Mazda Miata. RELATED: Check Out the Beast X’s Little Brother, the Beast Speedster Here  

Rezvani's 700HP Beast X Has Us Shaking In Our Boots

To keep the Rezvani Beast X and its 700 hp glued to the road, Rezvani’s designers had to improve the car's aerodynamics. The Beast X now includes a new front splitter, side aero, rear diffuser and twin rear wings, all built to keep you from literally taking off. According to Rezvani, each Beast X will be built to order, and only five examples total will be built. The cost to own this frankly absurd supercar is $325,000. While the price is quite steep compared to similar experiences like the Ariel Atom or the Drakan Spyder, the purchase price also includes free access to a suite of racetracks around the country to allow owners to truly experience the savagery of their cars.

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