You won't find another Ford Bronco like this one.

Blue Oval fans, rejoice. The latest agreement between the UAW and Ford has generated two monumental headlines: first, a new Ranger pickup will return to U.S. shores, and second, it’ll be followed by a new Ford Bronco, allegedly. This is unquestionably very good news.

That said, you don’t have to wait years to get your hands on a Ford Bronco of epic proportions. In fact, don’t wait at all—introducing the 1993 C150 Centurion Classic. This Bronco-esque four-door SUV started life as a Ford F-150 before being reworked and Bronco-fied at Centurion Vehicles’ Michigan facility. It’s part of a rare group of custom Fords manufactured by Centurion, and - surprise! - this one recently popped up on eBay. 

Check out:

While it isn’t a Ford Bronco, per se, the C150 Classic and its larger C350 sibling (based on the Ford F-350 trucks) were Centurion’s self-built Ford rivals to the Chevrolet Suburban, and contemporary sales brochures even call out the Suburban by name. To build one of these brutish utes, Centurion would essentially slice off the rear of a donor truck’s cab, shorten its frame as needed, and attach a Bronco tailgate, hardtop, and rear quarter panels.

Why go through so much trouble to create a four-door Bronco? Well, at the time Ford didn’t have a full-size four-door answer to the Suburban, so Centurion stepped in to create one for the Blue Oval fanbase. Expectedly they were by no means cheap. The C150 and C350s boasted captain’s chairs up front, and could be equipped with such luxuries as a drinks cooler, CB radio, six-inch color TV, and even a VHS player. Given their Ford F-350 origins, the larger C350s also came available with Ford’s gargantuan seven-plus-liter V8 gas and diesel engines. You can never have enough displacement…

Ultimately, the end of the Centurion Classic C150 and C350 came not at the hand of the Chevrolet Suburban, but by Ford itself. As the full-size Ford Bronco went the way of the dodo in 1996, it was replaced by the four-door Expedition in 1997 and supplemented by the “big isn’t nearly big enough” Excursion in 2000. With these full-size four-door SUVs now built by Ford, the rather handsome Centurion Classics were left mission-less.

Happily some of them still remain today, like the example pictured above. With 229,000 miles to its name, this ’93 C150 Classic may be slightly long in the tooth, but its 5.0-liter V8 is said to run well and admit it - with a mountainous backdrop like that, who isn’t feeling the wanderlust? 

This is the 4-Door Ford Bronco You Didn’t Know Existed