Watch a Car Wash Worker Attacked by a Giant Spinning Brush

Car washes are pretty cool when you're a kid. That, or they scare the daylights out of you and give you nightmares for years. Once you're all grown up, the scare is gone, unless you're this poor guy who was attacked by a giant car wash brush. This video shows the scene inside the Pit Stop car wash in Slidell, Louisiana. Manager Josh Hood was busy cleaning the interior of the car wash when he ran into a little bit of trouble. RELATED: See a Car Wash Turned into a Tunnel of Terror The hose Hood was using to spray down the bay became tangled in one of the huge, spinning brushes. Seconds later, Hood gets caught up in the fray and the hose wraps around him, pinning him to the still spinning brush. Hood can't get free and spins around willy-nilly until he finally slides to the floor and slips free. According to MotorAuthority, he wasn't hurt and started laughing the minute he found himself unceremoniously dumped on the floor of the car wash. We're betting there are new safety guidelines posted in that car wash break room regarding proper cleaning protocol. RELATED: Nissan May Have Created the First-Ever Self-Cleaning Car
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