Watch as Aladdin Glides Through NYC on a Magic Carpet

We all have fanciful Disney daydreams as kids. Who wouldn’t want to roar with Simba, hang with Peter Pan, or blast off to infinity…and beyond?  But in the run-up to Halloween 2015, two YouTubers took their Aladdin fantasies to another level on the streets of New York City, and it has gone viral to the tune of 9.6 million views. It is probably the best thing you may have missed from last weekend. On October 29, YouTube star Jesse Wellens got suited up in an Aladdin costume—hat, pants, purple vest and all—and hopped onto a pretty convincing “magic carpet.” He glided the hover rug through crowded streets and bustling sidewalks, giving many New York City passersby quite an unexpected sight. YouTuber Casey Neistat followed closely behind with a video camera to capture the jaw-dropping shots. Take a look. RELATED: Oh Yes, A Disney World Monorail Turned Up on eBay
RELATED: Kickstarter Project Turns Wheelchairs into Amazing Costumes While the spectacle of a “real life” Aladdin zipping through New York is humorous enough, the onlookers’ reactions are priceless. Some are completely disinterested, others appear to have lost all control of their emotions. It’s almost as if their childhood hero came to life before their very eyes…oh, wait. As for the magic carpet, Neistat whipped that up using a Boosted Board, PVC pipes, red fabric, tape, and zip ties. Using handheld controls, Wellens and Neistat piloted the electrified skateboards (capable of speeds up to 22 mph), and at points Wellens even kicked back, relaxed, and sat on the board as he carved through traffic. Next Halloween, don’t be surprised if a few costumed Aladdins come zipping through your neighborhood. RELATED: 2015 Halloween "Horror Car" Reveals Most Unreliable Car Parts