If ever the words “not for production” or “concept vehicle” were to be used… this would be that time.

Las Vegas’ annual SEMA Show tends to bring out the wild side of every automaker, and so far for 2015, Toyota seems to be having the most fun. First came the Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma, then a Toyota Sienna minivan built for off-roading, and now it’s the turn of the—gasp—26.5 foot long Toyota “Tundrasine” limo. That’s right…over 26 feet long. The very-much-a-concept Tundra was unveiled on Tuesday, and according to Toyota, it showcases the extremes to which a Tundra can be, erm…stretched.

Toyota Stretches the Limits with a 4x4 "Tundrasine" Limo

“SEMA members take their vehicles to extremes, and Toyota definitely goes to a new extreme with the Tundrasine,” said Steve Appelbaum, Toyota USA’s National Engagement Marketing Manager. “People have seen plenty of limousines before, but never one quite like the Tundrasine.” And he’s certainly got a point. The Tundrasine started as a super-luxe 2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax, which came equipped with four-wheel drive and the big 5.7-liter, 381 horsepower V8. It was then stretched by over seven and a half feet, outfitted with eight doors, and houses a sumptuous brown leather interior, which Toyota says was inspired by the interior of a private luxury jet. Posh indeed, and there’s even room for a few sheets of plywood out back.

Toyota Stretches the Limits with a 4x4 "Tundrasine" Limo

As a result, the stretched Tundrasine is substantially heavier than when it started—a weighty 7,963 pounds—but then again, luxury makes no concessions. Need to see the Tundrasine 4x4 limo in the flesh? Hike over to the Toyota booth and, well…you can’t really miss it. 

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