Watch an Airplane Do Donuts in the Snow

Doing donuts is fun. Doing donuts in the snow is better. Doing donuts in the snow in a plane is the best. The pilot of this plane took full advantage of a beautiful, untouched, field of snow and it looks amazing. It's not winter just yet, but winter is coming and that means snowy roads and plenty of opportunities to have fun in all that white powder. You might be thinking of taking your car out into a snowy lot and doing some donuts, but if you're a pilot you've got far better options. RELATED: Watch This Airplane Make a Terrifying Sideways Landing According to Sploid, this pilot decided to try donuts in his plane in the snow while someone took video of the action. It is absolutely beautiful and it will make you want to get a pilot's license so you can give this a try over the winter. Winter can be long and cold, so the only way to survive is to have a little fun. This guy definitely takes that idea to heart. Now, who has their pilot's license and wants to take me out for a snowy ride this winter? RELATED: Watch FMX Rider Jump and Airplane for the Ultimate Stunt
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