Men Dressed as Cones Get Police Called on Them For Blocking Traffic

Halloween is a weird time of year. It’s made significantly weirder when people go out and do stuff like this. A bunch of dudes in the UK dressed up like traffic cones, and just stood in the road...being traffic cones. According to the Evening Standard, Kingston police responded to an early morning call after a group of men were reported standing in the road blocking taxis and buses. Specifically, the police report reads “Males dressed as traffic cones blocking the road like traffic cones.” Traffic cones gonna traffic cone. RELATED: Meet the Halloween Car You Don't Want to Own
Kingston police tweeted out the call, but it was made even more hilarious when a nearby local tweeted out a picture of the criminal cones in action. “They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves,” a local bystander said. “I didn’t actually see the police I was waiting for a taxi but I saw it and it made me laugh.” Kingston Police were good sports about the whole thing, but suggested the cones stay on the sidewalk rather than the road. RELATED: Your Childhood is Telling You To Buy This Real-Life Cozy Coupe