Watch a Poorly Marked Concrete Barrier Cause a Wild Accident

Often, accidents are caused by an inattentive driver. That good old distracted driving can end up in an accident, but this time, the driver was doing everything right. What was wrong was the terribly marked concrete barrier smack in the middle of the road. It sends him into the air and onto his roof. It's always more difficult to see at night, so when you come up on any kind of construction or traffic pattern changes, they're usually marked out well ahead of time so drivers are ready and can plan any needed lane changes. This barrier has hardly any markings at all and a dash cam catches the result as one driver is taken completely by surprise. RELATED: Watch Incredible 1960's F1 Dash Cam Footage at Nurburgring According to AutoEvolution, dash cam footage from a following car shows that the road is not crowded and the car that's involved in the accident isn't driving erratically. He's simply driving along in the far right lane when there's suddenly a giant concrete barrier that forces him to merge across into the oncoming traffic lanes due to construction. Seeing the barrier in time would just mean shifting lanes, but at night, with nothing more than a single sign with arrows pointing to the left, the thing is a hazard. There isn't a single warning before the barrier itself, which sends this car on its roof. Here's why those bright orange traffic signs are so darn important. RELATED: Watch a Motorcycle Rider Get Hit, Flip in the Air, Land on His Feet
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