There's a lot of suspense building around the mysterious 4-door Lamborghini concept which is set to debut during the VW Group event on the eve of the first Paris motor show press day. As a result, member, a007apl, has taken the time to paste the previously released teaser images together plus a little touch up to try and alleviate some of the curiosity. The result is a partial view of the rear end of the car that was erroneously speculated to be named, Urus. Instead, the name is Estoque, a special sword used by a bull fighter. The name Estoque is closely related to the Espada name which was used by Lamborghini for their 2-door 4-seater grand tourer which was produced between 1968 and 1978.

Gallery: SPECULATION: Lamborghini Estoque Name Uncovered - 4-Door Concept Teasers Merged

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