Seattle Seahawks' TE Jimmy Graham Moonlights as a Stunt Pilot

You would think that being a professional football player was enough excitement and thrill to overwhelm your senses for a lifetime. That may be the case for some players, but for Seattle Seahawks’ tight end Jimmy Graham, it’s simply not the case. When Graham is not being an extremely versatile tight end, Graham is actually flying a stunt plane! Graham began his NFL career with the New Orleans Saints. He spent four years playing basketball at the University of Miami, before switching for his fifth year. While he was with the Saints, he flew in a friend’s plane and was smitten. RELATED: 8 NFL Stars with Automotive Counterparts

Going up on a Tuesday!

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He soon got his pilot’s license and purchased a Bonanza G36 plane. That single plane was joined by another plane, and another, and now Graham has a small fleet of aircraft, including an Extra 300 stunt plane, which you can see him piloting in the Instagram posts above and below. It is crazy to think that the 6-foot-7, 265-pound Graham can fit into the plane. It is even crazier that his new team, the Seattle Seahawks, are completely cool with their star tight end operating a plane capable of 10g! RELATED: Stratolaunch Will Soon Be The Largest Plane in the World
  That feeling u get when u strap a rocket to ur body then go & play. Pursuit of Happiness. #flyitlikeustoleit   A video posted by Jimmy Graham (@thejimmygraham) on
Graham has said that the front office in Seattle has made little fuss over his off-the-field passion, which could turn into a post-football occupation. The 28-year-old has said very publicly that he plans on competing with his stunt plane, and has even mentioned the Red Bull Air Race. As far as the off-field activities of notable tight ends go, executing airborne acrobatics is pretty exciting. We wonder who does their offseason better; the high-flying Graham, or the always-dancing Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots? Tells us what you think in the comments below! RELATED: Airbus Patent Reveals New Jet Capable of Over 3,000 MPH Lead Image: CBS Sports