Ride Along With 4 IndyCar Racecars in 360-Degree Video

Apart from a few racetracks around the world, IndyCars generally stay in the confines of a closed-off track and never venture out onto the same pavement as normal everyday cars. This year, to mark the path to IndyCar’s final race in Sonoma, California, four competition spec IndyCars bucked that trend by racing along the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This was not only to honor the memory of Justin Wilson, but also to take the literal path of the Astor Cup trophy to the finale. RELATED: Check Out This Street Legal Indycar Justin Wilson passed away Aug. 24 due to a blow to the head from a piece of another car’s nosecone. Wilson’s teammate, Marco Andretti, lead the procession in Wilson’s car. “It was an honor to drive Justin’s car. It was emotional for sure,” Andretti stated. The processional also gave the world a glimpse into every motorsport fan’s dreams, riding along in a racecar. To showcase the historic and possibly once in a lifetime event, IndyCar partnered with GoPro to bring a 360-degree video from one of the cars. RELATED: One Very Special Historic Indycar Is Going to Auction
Just like the video of Shannon Campbell’s Off-Road Buggy we reported on a few months ago, the team used the same 7-camera rig that allows the viewer to completely control where the camera is angled to get unprecedented detail of an IndyCar in action. All made better by racing on the historic bridge. While the racecars were supposed to keep to the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit, if you give a racecar driver a closed road, shenanigans are going to happen. Watch and spin the camera around to see more of these racers in action. RELATED: Read Our Interview With Indycar Pro Graham Rahal