Watch These Big Rigs Pull Incredible Wheelies

It’s hard not to love a good wheelie. Since back when you could pop the front wheel up on your bike, it was a great feeling. And seeing a muscle car do a wheelie will make your hair stand on end. But these big rigs doing wheelies is another thing entirely. This video comes via BangShift, who posted it from YouTube. The video was apparently recorded in Quebec, and we did not know the Québécois could be so bad ass! These big rigs are taking in part in good old fashioned tractor pulls, on dirt and asphalt, and using loaded down trailers. RELATED: We Can't Stop Watching These Incredible GTA V Truck Flips
RELATED: Your Tailgating Rig Ain't Got Nothing On These! In tractor pulls like these, it is common for the front wheels to leave the ground, as the massive diesel engines churn away. But with these pulls, it is incredible to see just how high they climb, and how much the frames of these semi truck cabs warp and twist under power. I guess we thought Canada was the land of poutine and general friendliness. But seeing these big rigs (one of which even had a Confederate flag–yeesh!) has us thinking these Canadians aren’t as soft as we previously believed! RELATED: Ford's F-Series Super Duty is the Best at Everything