Honda Releases Another Africa Twin Motorcycle Teaser Video

One of the most eagerly anticipated motorcycles launched this year is the Honda Africa Twin. It’s a dream motorcycle for all those who love adventure bikes and taking long trips across continents. It looks to be one of the most rugged, most utilitarian motorcycles ever built. It’s a motorcycle we are very much eager to test. The Africa Twin was unveiled last month to much fanfare and equally amazing reception. Honda released a plethora of images and videos detailing the new adventure motorcycle. Recently however, Honda released another teaser for the motorcycle, even though it has already been unveiled. RELATED: See Honda’s Latest Concept Bike, the Neowing Here In the very short clip titled “Africa Twin: The Adventure Continues…” two motorcycles come into frame. Both appear to be the Africa Twin, yet, they each look slightly different from those we saw when Honda released the motorcycle a few weeks ago. One in particular has side-bags and what appear to be frame sliders. The teaser is beautifully shot, and has us absolutely out of our minds to test the new adventure motorcycle, but the vagueness and teasing nature of it has us completely dumbstruck. Is it just a launch of accessories for the Africa Twin? Are these motorcycles powered by a different sized engine? Is it a Dakar Rally version of the motorcycle? We have more questions than answers. RELATED: The Honda CBR500R Is One Of Our Top 5 Beginner Bikes
Even though Honda is killing us with this teaser, the company had us hooked with this quote, “Life’s too short to put anything off. And what are you going to remember ten years from now, another day at the office or an adventure on a great motorcycle? You know the answer to that.” Yes Honda, yes we do. RELATED: Honda 2&4 Concept is Half Bike, Half Car, All Awesome