App Helps You Find Your Car When Lost in Parking Lot

Ever gotten lost in a mall parking lot? Or tried to connect with a friend at a concert or among a row of several crowded downtown bars? Trying to find your car in a sea of similar minivans or locate a friend at a concert where you can’t even hear yourself think is a task that is made easier with a new app called PointX. In short, PointX is a location based app that helps you find a person place or thing. And it even works without cellular service or a wifi connection. As the report from USA Today below points out, if you're in a parking lot, simply open the app, snap a picture, and when you come back to the same lot, you can use the app to locate your car. If you've got a nice ride like the new BMW M2 and want to park it in a place safe, it would be nice to get back to it quickly! RELATED: GreaseMonkey App Lets Drivers Find Best Local Repair Prices Even if you’re not in an area of decent service, like that concert parking lot out in the next county, the app uses your phone’s GPS and compass to determine how to get back to your car: RELATED: Smartphone App Improves Driver Behavior, Calls 911 in a Crash Can also connect with friends by showing them where your location is and sharing that with a friend digitally. You take a picture of your location and send to a friend. When the notification pops up on their phone, they click on it, and it provides them route options as to how to get to you, by either car or on foot. As the presenter in the USA Today report points out, this is really one of those, “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” apps. As the holiday season approaches, it will surely make finding your family at the mall a heck of a lot easier! RELATED: Boston-Based Startup Gearing up to Take on Uber, Lyft