OK, so there are lots of things we like to blame dogs for, including stinking up the room and breaking stuff. But DUI? That’s pretty doggone low.

Except apparently in Florida, where not one but two drivers have tried to blame Fido. We know a dog is man’s best friend but apparently not his designated driver. RELATED: See how a dog chewed his owner’s Aston Martin In the most recent case, according to The Huffington Post, a Florida man was observed speeding. Cops gave chase. Reliford Cooper III, 26, allegedly fled, ran a stop sign, drove through two ditches and eventually crashed into a house. From there, he hotfooted it to a church where he sought sanctuary. These God-fearing people were having nothing to do with that. So, they kicked him out and the Manatee County deputy sheriffs were able to collar him. That’s when he blamed it on a mysterious dog who was driving. How great would it have been if his statement began, “As dog is my witness …”? RELATED: Dog drives owner’s car into lake Cooper may have gotten his inspiration for his animal alibi after reading about Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood, Florida near Orlando. Cops there nabbed her for allegedly fleeing the scene of a crash. Her defense? Her dog was responsible and should go to jail—not her. OK, Lamoreaux told the police she was actually driving. It’s just not clear why she blamed her dog. I do have to wonder if it’s coincidence or not that both drivers allegedly struck buildings while driving drunk and then blamed dogs. RELATED: See how a man swerves to miss dog, coats Maserati with paint