Watch a Honda S2000 Crash at Nürburgring While One Wheel Keeps Racing

Nürburgring conjures scenes of incredible cars taking laps at breathtaking speeds. These are usually in the hands of extremely skilled drivers with the job of putting a car through its paces to see if it does what all those engineering types claim. Even with pros at the wheel, accidents happen. Once you put everyday Joes in the driver's seat, the chances things will go wrong and one of your wheels will jump free and race without your car increase, as this video proves. Tourist days at Nürburgring are a chance for anyone to take on the Ring in their own car. This puts people with somewhat questionable levels of skill on one of the hardest tracks in the world for a bit of a free for all. Case in point, the guy driving this Honda S2000 over the weekend. RELATED: Watch a Compilation of Nürburgring Crashes He took a corner too hard and sent his car into a drift that he simply couldn't control. The Honda spins off into the grass and then back across the track before smacking hard into the wall. The car is done, but the right front tire is not ready to give up on its big chance. The tire simply pops off and continues on down the track, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake. Sadly, its moment of glory was short-lived and it rolls its way right off the track, so the BMW following behind can continue on its way. RELATED: Watch Incredible 1960's F1 Dash Cam Footage From Nürburgring
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