Watch This Head-Turning Ferrari Roar Through Tokyo

Pulling up to your average diner party in a Ferrari is akin to walking into a library and setting off an air horn. You’re bound to get some looks. With that in mind, imagine how many heads this dazzling Ferrari turns on a daily basis.  While it may look like something from a video game or the movie Tron, rest assured this flashy Prancing Horse is indeed very real, and it’s one of many similarly-styled Italian supercars roaming the streets of Japan. American transplant and car enthusiast Steve Feldman got a chance to get behind the wheel of the modified car—a Ferrari 360 Modena—and gave its 3.6-liter V8 engine a blast from Tokyo to Yokohama, Japan. Take a look. RELATED: Prior Design Gives the 2015 Ferrari 458 a Mean Makeover
When new, the widely praised Ferrari 360 brought forth a scintillating 400 horsepower and revved to a searing 8,500 rpm. Due to the modifications on this Italian thoroughbred, it isn’t hard to imagine it offers up even more. The duo open up the taps on the V8 supercar while cruising through a tunnel, filling the space with the sound of its raucous exhaust. On the surface, the Ferrari sports a hologram-effect body wrap (chrome and animal print are also popular) along with intermittent strobes and enough LED lights and underglow to fill a small hardware store. And what would a custom car be without a “La Cucaracha” horn? All in all, it’s not a Ferrari that fits every taste…though it is hard not to smile when seeing one. Thinking of buying your own decade old Ferrari? The 360 Modenas are valued at around $60,000 these days, and you can find online asking prices in that ballpark as well. RELATED: Take a Look at the Hardcore Ferrari 360 GTC Track Car