Upcoming Bugatti Chiron Crash Test Mule Leaked

With the upcoming debut of the Bugatti Chiron, the successor to the ludicrous Veyron, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more details on the new car. While we’ve posited that the Chiron could look similar to the recently released Bugatti Gran Turismo GT concept based on previous spy photos, we haven’t had any concrete proof of this, until now. Bugatti has recently begun bringing potential customers to view the new car at its headquarters in Molsheim, France. One of those invited was GTBoard, who managed to snag a few picture of what appears to be the crash test mule for the Chiron. RELATED: Is the Bugatti Vision GT Actually the Chiron in Race Disguise?

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As you can see, the headlights on this mule are almost identical to those on the Gran Turismo GT concept, thus lending our theory more weight. However, where the two differ is in the rooflines. As you can see in the pictures, the roofline of this mule seems to sit much higher than the concept shown in Frankfurt. It still looks very similar to the Veyron. That roofline appears to be the only similarity between the old and new car. From the pictures above and below, the entire door section is drastically different from the outgoing Veyron. And it resembles nothing currently manufactured by the Volkswagen Auto Group. RELATED: The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Is Like a Fighter Jet For the Road: Our Review
New #bugatti by @gtboard A photo posted by Gustav (@gtboard) on
The new car is said to have over 1,500 horsepower, use four electrically driven turbochargers, in combination with a hybrid system that will allow the car to hit 62 miles per hour in under two seconds flat. According to our source inside Bugatti, the acceleration of the Chiron literally has the power to knock the wind out of you if you aren’t ready. We can’t wait. RELATED: Which Bugatti Sounds the Best?

New #bugatti by @gtboard

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