Dogs will be dogs.

Sure, that saying applies when a your furry friend sneaks up to eat your burger off the table, comes home with a dead pigeon in its mouth, or tracks mud all over the kitchen. But what about hijacking your car and driving it into a lake? We’re not sure Pavlov has a behavior model for that.

According to the Associated Press, a man in Ellsworth, Maine was taking a dog out for a walk on Branch Lake. Said dog started getting into it with another dog, so the owner decided to put said dog in his parked GMC Sierra (AP says Chevy Silverado, but you and I can tell the difference). While the man was talking with that other dog’s owner, said dog bumped the shifter into gear and the truck rolled into the lake.

Dog Gets Put in Timeout, Responds by Driving Owner's Truck into Lake

The truck rolled for about 75 feet, and then bounced off a rock. At that point it sunk in about 10 feet of water. According to the Ellsworth Police Department (who took the images above), a family friend immediately ran in to save the dog out of the truck. As for the truck, a towing company had to be called in to have it pulled out of the lake. Apparently putting this particular dog in timeout backfired in a very big way! 

Dogs will be dogs: