Watch This Racy DeLorean DMC-12 Spit Flames

For the rest of time, the shapely DeLorean DMC-12 will be remembered best as the 88-mph time-traveling supercar from 1985’s Back to the Future. It catapulted Marty McFly back in time to 1955, and lay a set of flaming tire tracks in the process.  But this DeLorean isn’t your average DMC-12. Rather, this modified version—built by Putsch Racing—produces a different type of blaze…from its exhaust. The raucous DeLorean sheds much of its interior, now weighing in at only 2,500 pounds with a roll cage and racing seats, and emits flames thanks to an otherwise stock engine that has been equipped with a high-flow intake, triple Weber carburetors, and a racing exhaust. Take a peek at the video below to see this heady DMC-12 set its exhaust alight. RELATED: This 24-Mile DeLorean DMC-12 Has Never Left Storage
Numbers crunched, Putsch says the car generates a respectable 210 horsepower, and will later receive a built-up racing version of its PRV V6 engine, good for between 260 and 280 horsepower. Famously, the PRV engine—developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo—produced a lackluster 130 horsepower when it came fitted in the edgy DeLorean, performance not reflective of its space age looks. But that isn’t to speak ill of the long-lived PRV V6. Over its near 25 years of production, the PRV found its way into more than a dozen cars, including a selection of Venturi sports and Le Mans racing cars, the turbocharged Alpine A610, and the gorgeous Alpine A310. As seen later in the video, we can’t recommend this type of spirited driving on public streets. But for all the DeLorean owners thinking of overhauling their V6 engines, let’s all give a collective “Do it!” RELATED: This Back to the Future LEGO Toyota 4x4 is Amazing via: duPont Registry