Watch Conan O'Brien Spoof Other Illegal Volkswagen Features

The Volkswagen #Dieselgate scandal is serious business. Consumers are angry. The government is angry. Everyone is angry and VW will be paying the price in lost consumer confidence and fines. This leaves them wide open to mockery and Conan O'Brien created this fantastic spoof ad to take the focus off of #Dieselgate and instead look at the many other illegal features in your VW.

These features, illegal though they may be, are far more interesting and might make the average VW owner happy. Yes, they'd get you in all sorts of trouble, but imagine for a second that your car could help you get out of a speeding ticket by hacking police radar guns. You can't drive 55, and you won't have to with a VW.

Watch Conan O'Brien Spoof Other Illegal Volkswagen Features

There's also a feature to help you use the carpool lane when it's only you behind the wheel. This is where all those nasty emissions become a perk as your VW turns them into a passenger made of smog in the seat next to you. Take advantage of fake handicapped parking permits in crowded parking lots and, for when cash is tight, your VW will become a thief in the night. You'll wake up refreshed and with a pile of cash. It's illegal, sure, but how else are you going to make that car payment at the end of the month?

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