Watch John Oliver Hilariously Cover the Volkswagen Dieselgate Scandal

The news over the last week has been filled with details about the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. It's such a big deal that it even has its own label, Diselgate, because once you label a thing as something-gate it is officially a big deal. John Oliver had his say on Dieselgate, and it was fantastic. He's not particularly a car guy. He has no expertise on Volkswagen or diesel engines or Germans, but he delivered one heck of a segment on Volkswagen's woes. RELATED: What to Know About the Class Action Lawsuit Against Volkswagen Oliver starts by describing how the company rigged its cars to thwart emissions tests. He then lets loose criticizing how they apologized at the launch of the new Passat. It was possibly the worst-timed vehicle launch in history and provided ample opportunity for ridicule. There is ranting and mocking and Oliver pretty much freaking out. Add in a dash of Lenny Kravitz, a fake ad in which the Jetta will make you immortal, and a reference do good old Hitler, and you have the most amusing coverage of Dieselgate yet. (Warning: Some NSFW language in parts of this video) RELATED: Volkswagen to Name Porsche Head as New CEO, U.S Boss Steps Down
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