We Can't Stop Watching These Incredible "GTA V" Semi-Truck Tricks

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of those guilty pleasures you don’t mention at cocktail parties. It is one of the most well known video game names, and is infamous for its lewd scenes and gratuitous carnage. But this one trick in GTA V is more acceptable in mixed company.

The trick involves a semi truck and well-placed C4, blowing the trailer off, and then speeding up to catch it. We can’t stop watching it: 

According to gaming site Kotaku, this highlight video was put together by gamer, Blacksmoke Billy. There was a little tweaking in GTA V required to get this wild move to work. He employed an invincibility mod, and a nuke mod, with range set to minimum to reduce the game lagging. Finally Billy changed the trailer weight to just 10 grams, allowing it to bounce around in a ballistic fashion. We’re sure more than a few truckers wish they could do this to their trailer after a long haul. We’re sure all of them could change the weight of their rig to just 10 grams with the push of a button! RELATED: Watch This Touching Paul Walker Tribute in GTA V