Lewis Hamilton Took Delivery of a Very Unique Ferrari LaFerrari

Star Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton knows a thing or two about going fast. Piloting the most sophisticated cars in the world around a track at top speed would make driving most road cars a mundane task. Luckily the Ferrari LaFerrari is no ordinary road car. Back in March, Hamilton purchased one of 499 examples of the stunning LaFerrari. The Ferrari has a laborious process for selecting owners of its more limited run cars. In many cases, you need to have a history of buying (and keeping) past Ferrari models, as they don’t want a dealer to come in, buy one and turn around to sell the $1.416 million hypercar at a markup later. RELATED: See More Photos of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar
Lewis Hamilton Took Delivery of a Very Unique Ferrari LaFerrari
We suspect successful Formula 1 drivers get a pass on this whole process, but we wonder if Hamilton’s Mercedes-Benz race team was okay with him driving a car made by a rival constructor. They might be, because he just took delivery of his LaFerrari, complete with a V12 hybrid powertrain making 950 horsepower, rocketing it 0-60 in under three seconds and a top speed of 186 mph. As you can see, this LaFerrari has a unique look. Yes, it has the typical Ferrari red color, but adds that body color to the roof, which typically comes from the factory black. Hamilton also opted for black wheels with red center caps and outline. Compare the Instagram post below from the above image of a standard LaFerrari look:

Lewis Hamilton's new car. #Ferrari #Laferrari #RedRoof

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RELATED: See Photos of the LaFerrari's Predecessor, the Enzo Ferrari Hamilton’s purchase of the top-tier Ferrari follows in the tradition of star F1 drivers owning insane Ferrari hypercars. Even though his racing days are over Michael Schumacher still has the most F1 championships. During that championship run, took delivery of the Enzo hypercar—the predecessor to the LaFerrari. Except Schumi didn't have to buy his, as it was a gift from the Italian automaker for bringing a championship to Maranello. It also helped that Schumacher had a hand in development of the Enzo. Maybe Hamilton can help Mercedes-Benz develop a hypercar that is more insane than the SLS-AMG or AMG GT. We wouldn’t oppose it one bit. RELATED: See More Photos of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT