This Go-Kart Might Be the World’s Fastest Bathtub

There are certain things you might expect to see at the start of a motor race. A bathtub with a motorcycle engine fitted in the back is not one of them, however that’s exactly what visitors saw at Switzerland’s 2015 Bergrennen Reitnau hill climb… and it’s likely something they won’t soon forget. 

The man behind the motorized bathtub is Swiss engineer Hannes Roth, who created the eye-catching contraption by grafting a tub onto a go-kart chassis. To unlock its outrageous speed, he shoehorned a 600cc Yamaha R6 motorcycle engine into the basin, which punches out 120 horsepower. The result? Lot’s of speed, noise, and even some drifting. Take a look. 

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In a video detailing the build, Roth noted that he began the project in September 2014 with the first test drive taking place in April 2015, just two months before the start of the annual hill climb race. All told, the conversion from go-kart to speedy bathtub took over 300 hours to complete. No word on whether the rubber ducky, Evel Knievel helmet, or shower head add any aerodynamic or mechanical advantage. Edd China, star of Discovery Channel’s Wheeler Dealers, famously set the Guinness World Record for the fastest bathtub, toilet, and sink at 42.25 mph, which he fitted to a motorcycle and sidecar. Perhaps the individual record for the fastest bathtub needs to be reconsidered after seeing this brisk tub on wheels.