The X definitely hints at performance

Last week, start-up supercar company Rezvani introduced the Beast Speedster. It was a less powerful followup to the original 500-horsepower version. We were on hand for the reveal, and while speaking with CEO Ferris Rezvani and designer Samir Sadikhov, the pair let us in on a little big secret. A 700-horsepower Beast X is coming; the X definitely hints at performance.

Currently, the Rezvani Beast platform uses the chassis and engine from an Ariel Atom. The tuned Honda Racing K24 motor sports a supercharger yielding 300-horsepower, entry-level Beast Speedster, while a "twin-charged" (supercharged and turbocharged) Honda engine sits under the hood of the 500-horsepower Beast. Each comes with a 1,700 pound curb weight—but neither will compare to what Rezvani has in store with the Beast X. 

Rezvani Terrifies Us With Talks of a 700-Horsepower Beast X

For the new car, Rezvani plans to drop the supercharger, and add a set of Garrett-supplied sequential turbochargers. According to Revzani, this setup will boost the total output of the Beast X to over 700 horsepower (!). This would give the lightweight track car a power-to-weight ratio better than a modern Formula 1 racecar, and even the mighty Bugatti Veyron. But the Beast X won't just get a new set of turbochargers, it will also get a whole new look. More inlets, intakes and the addition of a rear wing and front splitter will add the necessary downforce to keep the lightweight car glued to the pavement.

Rezvani Terrifies Us With Talks of a 700-Horsepower Beast X

Unfortunately we we're not able to pry pricing information from the Revzani CEO. The Beast Speedster and the more powerful Beast come in at $139,000 and $159,000, respectively. Based on that spread, we estimate the Beast X to come in around $179,000. Though, it's just a guess at this point. Until we can tell you more, stay tuned. 

Photo Credit: Jonathon Klein for BoldRide

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