Can a McLaren 650S Keep Up With a 700-HP Ford GT?

That’s the million dollar question. While the McLaren 650S is one of the most advanced supercars to ever hit the market, can it keep up with a tuned 700-horsepower Ford GT? Well, you might actually be surprised. The two cars squared off recently to put this question to the test. The McLaren 650S, sporting a stock 641 horsepower, and the aforementioned 700-horsepower Ford GT tuned by Heffner Performance. From a standstill and a roll, the two decided to see who was best. Watch and see what happens: RELATED: See More of the Stunning McLaren 650S
Even with its added horsepower, the McLaren eeks out an overall win thanks to its fast-shifting transmission and torquey engine. Still, it was a close race well worth the watch. We'll be curious to see how the new Ford GT stacks up when it hits the market. RELATED: See Photos of the Standard Ford GT Supercar