GIS and Hurricanes

Florida residents were spared a great deal of trouble this weekend, as Tropical Storm Erika mercifully dissipated from its peak intensity. The storm system still brought heavy rains to the Sunshine State, as the remnants of Erika make its way up the East Coast this week. Florida dodged a bullet, but it could have been much worse.

Protecting your home and your loved ones is the most important thing, but for many classic car owners, their vintage ride is right after those two on the priority list. According to a Forbes report, some insurance companies are taking high tech steps to keep their cars safe. 

When Hurricane Sandy hit, many owners brought their cars to secure garages or put them up on jacks. American Modern Insurance Group is on of the companies using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to identify which cars are in problem areas as a storm approaches. 

The locations are stored by the insurers, and as the path of hurricane or tropical storm develops, that path is cross-referenced against the geotagged locations of its clients classic cars. The Insurance Institute for Better Home & Safety (IBHS) says that this kind of preventive measure is much more cost effective than trying to repair or replace a car that has been damaged. According to the report, for every dollar spent on disaster mitigation, $4 are saved when it comes to cleanup and repair costs that do not have to be spent. Saving your car and saving themselves money is a win-win any insurance company will go for. 

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