Watch as a Truck Slams into a Low Train Bridge in MA

Anytime we can watch some automotive carnage where no one gets hurt is what we’d consider a win. And in the case of the meeting of a too-tall truck and a too-low bridge, you can watch it over and over, laughing at the expense of one really embarrassed delivery driver. Luckily for CDL-licensed drivers in Eastern, Massachusetts, this truck-eating bridge may finally be raised. In Westwood, MA, an MBTA commuter rail line crosses over East Street via a very small, very old bridge. The bridge has multiple “low clearance” warnings, and even signs specifically stating the 10’6” clearance. But that did not stop the driver of this food distributors truck from plowing right through, and losing several lunches in the process! RELATED: Try Not to Cringe as This Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes
But it was not nearly the first time that this has happened. It’s not even the first time that it has happened this year, as you can see a moving truck slam into the bridge back in June: RELATED: See trucks in much better shape than these at the Carlisle Nationals
According to Boston’s WCVB, 43 trucks have hit the bridge in the last five years. An additional 24 car crashes have been reported, and it is accepted as a generally a harrowing place to try to walk through as a pedestrian. In typical “Not-in-my-backyard” fashion (I’m from MA, I know what I’m talking about), town residents living near the bridge voted against installing a new crossing 20 years ago, for fear of more traffic. Well, the traffic was inevitable, and now they have multiple crashes on their hands. The MBTA said that the design of a new bridge will be finalized by next year, and construction crews are expected break ground on a new crossing in 2017. In the meantime, you can count on more truck crashes like these. RELATED: With Greater Safety Systems, Are Our Highways Becoming More Unsafe?