Looks Like the LAPD Loves the Local Motors Drift Trike

Bring a tricycle to a party, and everyone is going to want to ride it. I'm sure someone has said that somewhere at some point. The Local Motors Verrado is that trike that everyone (ourselves included) would love to ride. Heck, even members of the LAPD were caught having some fun on one. With all the negative publicity surrounding police these days, it's great to see two officers interacting positively with their community-and having some fun in the process. They were snapped by Local Motors cinematographer @Motaz_LM in downtown LA during a shoot for the Verrado trike, posing and riding the cool little toy. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Local Motors Rally Fighter What exactly is a Verrado trike, you might be asking? It's an electric drift trike essentially designed to turn you sideways. It's what Local Motors calls "a bigger, better, motorized version of the big wheel you had when you were a kid." We can get on board with that. Now all the LAPD needs to do is get a few police-liveried ones and cruise around downtown. RELATED: This Local Motors Shooting Brake Concept is All Kinds of Awesome