Watch This Off-Road Buggy Do a Massive Backflip

Perhaps you’ve seen an off-road hill climbing event before. Drivers test their grit and their off-road buggies in a timed race to the top of the hill, negotiating rocks, roots, and everything in between. Understandably, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and racer Sydney Rockwell recently experienced one of the more violent accidents that can occur on the trail—an airborne backflip. Rockwell joined the rest of the competitors in taking on the hills at the Southern Rock Racing Series in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. But on one particular run while trying to dodge a mass of roots jutting out from the hill, the rock bouncer buggy got a bit more vertical than expected. Take a look. RELATED: Check Out This Bumper Car That You Can Drive Off-Road
Rockwell kept on the throttle to try and fight the hill, but with only one tire in contact with the ground, the open throttle caused the rig to flip backwards in an aggressive manner. The four-wheel drive buggy landed on its roll cage at the peak of the incline, rolling once, twice, before lodging itself between two trees and going no further. It’s a terrifying few seconds to watch. Thankfully, Rockwell was wearing a head-and-neck-support device and escaped the accident without injury, if a bit shaken up from the airborne launch. The buggy appears to have held together remarkably well too. RELATED: Check Out These Six Classic Cars That are Surprisingly Good Off-Road via: Bangshift