It established America’s insatiable hunger for SUVs

All cars imbue a sense of time and place, but only the best of the best can mentally take you there. The first-generation Ford Bronco is one such vehicle. It was compact, designed to tackle the tough stuff, and it went on to establish America’s insatiable hunger for SUVs. 

Blue Oval fans have been hankering for a new Ford Bronco for going on 20 years now. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to keep waiting. But luckily a slew of the unforgettably styled first-gens still survive to whet all of our appetites. This is one of them, a 1976 model, and it has been bestowed with the off-roady modifications we all subconsciously associate with this vintage of Ford Bronco. It’s currently prowling eBay, and it’s enough to make a Ford devotee weak in the knees.


This Ford Bronco Is a Beefed-Up Throwback to Old-School SUVs

When the Bronco first arrived on the scene in ‘66, it came packing a 170 cu. in. straight-six, good for 105 horsepower. While it could get you there, it couldn’t quite get you there with great speed, so in line with the advent of the bigger, more powerful Chevrolet Blazer, Ford upped its ante with the addition of the 302 V8, and its 205 horsepower. This burly Ford Bronco packs that ubiquitous 302 engine, now breathing through an Edelbrock carburetor, and tasked with turning the upsized Durango R/T tires found underneath. That new rubber complements a custom suspension lift kit, heavy duty coils and shocks, blacked-out bumpers, a swing-out tire carrier, and bikini top in giving this 4x4 a truly timeless look. Considering loads of mid- to late-‘70s Ford Broncos wear some vibrant shade of red, yellow, or blue, it’s rather nice to see this one dressed in a light olive hue. 

This Ford Bronco Is a Beefed-Up Throwback to Old-School SUVs

The Bronco’s spartan interior adds to that off-road vibe, now coated fully with Line-X bedliner, though it also comes complete with a Pioneer sound system and racy Corbeau bucket seats in the front, and a bench in the back. It's a ute that could probably do the daily home-to-work run...but would much rather spend every day doing the home-to-beach trip. Craving a Bronco yet? The ball is in your court, Ford. Bring it back. Bring it back.

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