The TONKA 4Runner Is Your Inner Child's Dream Truck

Right before my motorcycle accident, I got an invite to drive one of the coolest trucks I could possibly ever imagine. It would fulfill a lifelong dream and truly warm my inner child’s heart. I was set to drive a full-size TONKA truck, and I was giddy with anticipation. Sadly, my accident prohibited me from going to the event. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you all the details of the company’s newest life-size toy truck.

An interesting piece of information that many don’t know is that in addition to building some of the coolest toys around, the TONKA toy brand has its own racing team and routinely competes in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. Over the years, the company has also built a few other life-size TONKA trucks to increase the company’s exposure and ignite the passions of both little children and adults alike. 

The TONKA 4Runner Is Your Inner Child's Dream Truck

The newest truck in the TONKA stable, the one I was supposed to drive, uses a Toyota 4Runner as the basis. TONKA then collaborated up with Toyota, Bulletproof Suspensions, Hi-Lift, Mickey Thompson Tires, Ultra Wheels, King Shocks, Smittybilt, Rigid Industries, and a few others to help turn this 4Runner into one of the most capable off-road adventure trucks you could ask for. The 4Runner received a 10-inch lift, 38-inch tires, a custom suspension by the aforementioned Bulletproof Suspensions, steel brush guards, a custom lighting setup, a roof top tent, a new interior and sound system, and obviously a TONKA-inspired wrap that completes the package. As you can see, this truck is all business and one that could tackle anything thrown at it, including a zombie apocalypse. 

According to Kathy Hawk who is VP of Marketing, Funrise Toys, “Creating a life-size TONKA takes passion and creativity and, once again, our team created an awe-worthy vehicle.” She’ll get no argument about that from us either. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide you with a full drive review in the future, so stay tuned.

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