Jeremy Clarkson Loses VW Golf R in France: Asks Twitter For Help

If you’re like 90 percent of the rest of the world, there have been times when you forget where you parked your car. It is so prevalent that automakers and third party developers alike make apps that help you locate your car from anywhere on the planet. When Top Gear built the ultimate old person's car out of a Fiat Multipla, both Jeremy and Richard designed it so that it would send up a flare and a balloon to aid in finding it. Ironically, it seems that Jeremy was in need for that same system only yesterday. RELATED: See more of the high-powered Volkswagen Golf R here According to Clarkson’s Twitter account, the former Top Gear host was off doing something in France when he managed to lose his own rented 2015 Volkswagen Golf R. Clarkson first tweeted to his 5.45 million followers, “Um. Does anyone know where I left my car last night?” Prompting everyone and their mother to chime in on the missing Golf. RELATED: Watch our review of the GTI-trumping VW Golf R here With that, and Clarkson’s subsequent tweets for assistance, his followers jumped into the fold to try and help him find it. While many used their tweets to aid in the search, many also took the time to joke with the new Amazon employee. One of whom is Clarkson’s current co-host James May. When May saw the tweet, he answered his colleague and friend with a helpful yet somewhat snarky, “I’ve just found an abandoned Peugeot 309 in a small French village. Will that do?” According to Radio Times, the car was a rental, but an AWD factory-tuned hot-hatch like the Golf R seems like an unlikely rental car. It is far more likely that this was a press vehicle, on loan from Volkswagen, though it is not confirmed. If that is really the case, we're sure VW was delighted to hear of this development. Luckily, after a few short hours, Clarkson managed to find where he had parked the Golf R. Maybe he and Richard should build some sort of easily transportable setup of the same flare gun/balloon finding system from the Multipla? Could be helpful the next time he loses a car. RELATED: Read about the Top Gear trio’s new Amazon deal here