Fernando Alonso gets his own special edition Ferrari.

The year is 1951. The Formula One World Championship is still in its infancy, Alfa Romeo is the team to beat, and Ferrari has yet to claim a single win in the top tier of international motor racing. Given a modern look at what Ferrari has become, it’s an almost inconceivable thought, but it wasn’t a streak that was about to last long. 

In July of 1951, Ferrari driver Jose Froilan Gonzales crosses the line at the British Grand Prix, earning the constructor its very first win in Formula One. Nearly 60 years later to the day, Ferrari F1 racer Fernando Alonso repeats Gonzalez’s momentous win in Great Britain - the only F1 win the team would receive in 2011. The miraculous achievement and its historical significance were cause for celebration, and in December 2011, Ferrari let loose the confetti and crafted this stunning tribute - the 599 GTB Alonso Edition 60F1. Suffice it to say, this is quite the Prancing Horse.

To create the Formula 1 tribute, Ferrari first began with the 599 GTB sports car, complete with its 611-horsepower 6.0-liter V12 engine pushed far back in the chassis, quick shifting six-speed gearbox, and magnetorheological shock absorbers. Then, Ferrari upgraded each 599 chassis to “HGTE” specification, which included tougher and shorter springs as well as tightened anti-roll bars. It's a car that can surely corner, and now it looks every bit of a "Scuderia Ferrari" racer for the road.

On the outside, the company offered each of its limited run “60F1” 599 GTBs with a choice of three color options—one derived from Gonzalez’s 1951 375 F1 car, and two reminiscent of Alonso’s 2011 150 Italia F1 car. Inside, buyers received either Sabelt or Recaro racing seats, black Alcantara upholstery, and plenty of carbon fiber trim. When fully provoked, this 599 can dash from zero to 60 mph in under 3.7 seconds, and if kept on the throttle, it will do 205 mph. That’s F1 fast. 

This stunning version - one of only 40 built - will cross the auction block next week at Mecum Auctions’ Monterey sale, and is expected to gavel for between $300,000 and $350,000. And it’s certainly not the only famous Prancing Horse to cross the block. The iconic Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice will also go under the gavel, which could very well crack seven digits at bidding’s end.

Source: Mecum


Photos: David Newhardt / Mecum Auctions

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