Floyd Mayweather Gifts Ashley Theophane a Chrysler 300

Floyd Mayweather has an impressive collection of cars. It has included multiple Bugattis, a Ferrari Enzo, and a Koenigsegg. His latest acquisition is a Chrysler 300 that won't be joining the rest of his collection. Instead, he gave this car to his protégé, Ashley Theophane. Chrysler has always marketed the 300 as a luxury sedan, with its ad campaigns featuring big names. The 2011 campaign included John Varvatos, Dr Dre, and Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. Mayweather's purchase dovetails nicely with Chrysler's plans. RELATED: Watch Floyd Mayweather Talk About His Cheap Bugattis Mayweather purchased the car for 34-year-old Ashley Theophane, who is an up-and-coming English boxer. He competes as a light-welterweight and was supposed to have a big bout in Las Vegas against Steve Williams. An injury forced Williams to cancel, but the two weeks Theophane spent training at the Mayweather Gym paid off. According to AutoEvolution, Mayweather took the boxer as his protégé and is now giving him the best possible training to ensure his success in the ring. Along with that training comes a new Chrysler 300, which won't do much to improve his skills, but sure will make him feel good driving around town. RELATED: Watch Bruce the Driver Show Off Floyd Mayweather's Car Collection RELATED: See Floyd Mayweather's All White Everything Vegas Car Collection