Watch NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Turn Rubber Into Art

So maybe Joey Logano isn’t in the same conversation with artists like Picasso or Monet, but believe it or not, he and his number 22 Pennzoil Ford Fusion can create art just about as good as anyone using more traditional artistic mediums. And that’s what you’re about to see here. Taking on a challenge set in front of him by Pennzoil and AutoZone, Logano got behind the wheel of his Fusion stock car and got the tires spinning over a huge 32’ x 32’ canvas. The challenge was to see how many donuts he could do in a minute. The final result is impressive in its own right, but even more so when you see how it’s done right before your eyes. RELATED: Check Out More of the Ford Fusion NASCAR Stock Car
So what’s going to happen to that masterpiece? It will be cut into smaller pieces and given out to fans by sponsors as part of a few social media contests. Or maybe it would be more at home at the Louvre in Paris. Just a thought. Say what you will about donuts being considered art, but there's something reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock in the random array of lines and the high contrast. Perhaps Logano has a career in the art world after his NASCAR days? RELATED: Watch the Challenger Hellcat Burn Some Rubber 100 Feet Off the Ground