What better way to celebrate Evel Knievel Days

Do not adjust your monitor. That most certainly is a screen grab of a truck in midair. It was in the process of setting a world record for longest jump by a semi truck. The man behind the wheel, one hand brazenly honking the horn, the other hand steering it towards glory, is named Gregg Godfrey, and this jump results in one heck of a recovery.

The launch was part of Evel Knievel Days, which occurred July 23-25 in Butte, Montana. The three days of events included all manner of daredevil performances in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. One of the main events was this record-setting jump by Godfrey. And it is incredible to see how high the truck gets in order to achieve that distance:

Perhaps even more incredible is the recovery at the end. It looks like the Knievel-liveried semi blows a tire or two, sending it careening. It is only Godfrey’s prowess as a wheelman that saves the truck from crashing into the buildings, which are scarily close for an event where such a massive piece of machinery is going airborne and landing on a pile of dirt. We hope that more incredible videos like this come out as a result of the weekend-long celebration to Evel Knievel, whose live was recently chronicled in the awesome documentary, “I Am Evel Knievel", which is available now on Amazon.

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