Watch A Lamborghini Gallardo Reveal a Hidden Paint Job

This Lamborghini Gallardo looks like a patriotic tribute to the USA with its bold red, white, and blue paint scheme, but there's more to this car than can be seen at first glance. All you need is some cold water to reveal that it's really a tribute to Captain America.

Rene Turrek and Grobbins Lackcenter are behind this color-changing Lamborghini. It looks like it's a solid color up front with a flag paint scheme in back, but cold water makes that flag on the roof disappear and become the same color as the front of the car, almost. Cold water also changes the hood and that's where Amercica's first Avenger hides. Splash that cold water across the hood and Steve Rogers appears in full Captain America garb. He's even wearing his mask and has his shield at the ready to deflect whatever America's enemies hurl in his direction. It's a great effect and one that likely took a long while to complete. 


You might think you're Captain America's #1 fan, but this guy has you beat. Anyone who would buy a car like the Lamborghini Gallardo and then shell out even more money to give it such an incredible paint job is definitely Cap's biggest fan. But we have to wonder—why not do this to a Corvette or Mustang?

Source: AutoEvolution